Birthday Riddles


To add some humor to the festivities, birthday riddles can be a fun way to get everyone laughing and lighten the mood. Whether it’s poking fun at aging, making silly jokes about cake or gifts, or using word play to add a twist to traditional birthday themes, these riddles can provide entertainment for all ages.

What goes up but never comes down?
Answer: Age.

What is the best way to remember your wife’s birthday?
Answer: Forget it once.

What do you give someone who has everything for their birthday?
Answer: A box to put it in.

What do you get when you blow out all the candles on your birthday cake?
Answer: A year older.

Why did the boy put candles on his cheeseburger for his birthday?
Answer: Because he wanted to have a happy meal.

What do you call a birthday present that you can’t see or touch?
Answer: A surprise.

What did the pirate say on his birthday?
Answer: “Aye, matey, it’s me birthday!”

Why do candles on a birthday cake always go out faster than regular candles?
Answer: They’re shorter.

Why did the computer go to the doctor on its birthday?
Answer: It had a virus.

What kind of birthday cake do ghosts like to eat?
Answer: I-scream cake.

Why do we put candles on birthday cakes?
Answer: Because it’s too hard to put a birthday cake on candles.

Why was the math book sad on its birthday?
Answer: Because it had too many problems.

What kind of music do balloons listen to on their birthday?
Answer: Pop music.

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